Youth Concurrent Disorders Program

What We Provide:

The Concurrent Disorders Program provides a range of mental health and addiction services for individuals and families.
Included are:
• Direct clinical services such as intake, assessment, formulation, and implementation of treatment plans
• Crisis intervention
• Consulting / Liaison with community agencies
• Involvement in community education
• Program development and evaluation

What is a Concurrent Disorder?:

The term ‘Concurrent Disorder’ is used to describe a combination of mental health and substance use problems. Concurrent disorders happen in many combinations, such as:
• Feelings of severe anxiety with problem alcohol/drug use
• Heavy alcohol/drug use with feelings of depression, intense emotions, and impulsive behaviors with problem drug/alcohol use
• Schizophrenia and alcohol/drug use

Mixing Substance Use and Mental Health Problems:

• Using alcohol/drugs can cause depression, anxiety, paranoia or hallucinations
• Using alcohol/drugs can mimic or cover up signs of mental health problems, making it hard to understand what is going on and how to best care for a person
• Using alcohol/drugs in combination with prescribed medications may interfere with how the medication works and may cause the person to feel much worse
• When people use alcohol/drugs they often stop taking their medications, which can lead to a relapse of mental illness
• Withdrawing from alcohol/drugs can manifest or mimic mental health problems

Who We See:

Youth up to age 24 who:
• Have concerns about their substance use and mental health
• Want to find out how substance use might affect an existing mental illness
• Want information on treatment options
• Need counselling for mental health and/or substance related issues

Specialized Youth Concurrent Disorder Services:

• Offer treatment consultations, education, and support to community treatment providers
• Provide treatment for youth with substance use and mental health concerns
• Offers support and education for parents, siblings, and families
• Provide resource and treatment option information to youth, families, and service providers

How We Work:

• Appointment times to fit your schedule
• Service are available in our offices, over the telephone, or in your home
• Services are available to youth and their families
• Individual and group counselling
• Our services are confidential