Regional Alcohol & Drug Day Treatment

Our Program

The Regional Alcohol & Drug Day Treatment (RADD) program is an intensive alcohol and drug day treatment program designed to serve youth aged 19 and under in the West Kootenay Boundary Area. Throughout the year our facilitators deliver a group counselling program to as many as ten people at a time.
The RADD Program delivers a variety of day treatment models based on community or individual needs.
The program’s key element is a strong recreation component designed to assist youth in making positive life style changes.
Full day recreational outings will be offered throughout the program.
Families, peers, and other support persons are encouraged to play an active role in the healing process. Our program is confidential and information will not be released to any one unless the person in question completes a “consent for release of information” form.
Follow up/after care services will be arranged with all group participants. Pre-program, post-program, and follow-up evaluations will be completed with all participants to ensure that the program is successfully meeting the needs of all those involved.

Who Can Attend RADD?

Young people aged 19 and under who are experiencing difficulties in their life due to their own, or someone else’s, substance misuse/abuse.  Participation in the program is voluntary and participants must be open to making changes in their lives.

Who Can Refer?

The RADD program encourages and accepts referrals from community agencies, families, and youth themselves.
Referral and information packages can be obtained from any Freedom Quest office or accessed by phone.

What Happens When I Refer?

• You will be notified of the program date in your area
• All applicants will complete a referral package
• A screening meeting will be held with each applicant
• Applicants will be accepted on their commitment and readiness to make change in their lives

Program Content

• Alcohol and Drug Information
• Risk Reduction/Relapse Prevention
• Personal Goals/ Treatment Plans
• Process of Change
• Recreation
• Family/Peer Relationships
• Communication Skills
• Feelings
• Anger Management/Assertiveness
• Sexuality
• Health – Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual
• Loss
• Conflict Resolution
• Self Awareness/Self-Esteem
• Life Skills
• Cycle of Abuse
• Boundaries
• Power/Empowerment and Personal Rights


All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of age. At Freedom Quest Regional Youth Services we respect the uniqueness and individuality of every person we serve, working cooperatively with every person in their journey to a healthy life. We approach treatment by encompassing the behavioral, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional facets of life and incorporate this philosophy into our program content.

By utilizing a harm reduction approach to treatment, in nurturing individual and group atmospheres, with community and family involvement, we are ensuring that the youth will have a healthy support system in their own communities and the necessary skills that will greatly benefit them in their journey.

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